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Art History, Painting, Drawing


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All lectures are illustrated with digital slides presented with  PowerPoint.
Art History Courses
This is the range of courses that I offer.  Please contact me for further information.

Survey courses: 
This full set of lectures provides a chronological overview of the history of developments in European art. 
Each lecture, however, is self-contained and does not require attendance at a previous one.
Individual courses consists of ten 2-hour sessions. 

  1. Prehistoric and Pre-classical Art
  2. The Classical Art of Ancient Greece & Rome
  3. The Development of Christian Art of the Middle Ages
  4. Great Masters of the Renaissance in Italy
  5. The Northern Renaissance and the Golden Age of Netherlandish Painting
  6. Great Masters of Baroque Art 
  7. From Rococo to Enlightenment: Art in the 18th Century
  8. From Neo-classicism to Romanticism
  9. The Roots of Modernism in the 19th Century
  10. European Art of the 20th Century: all the -isms.
 Other Courses

A] Each course consists of 10 x 2 hr sessions: (can be shorter courses if necessary)

  • A History of Manuscript Illumination
  • The Methods & Materials of Art: a historical survey
  • "Great Mistresses" - Women Artists from Medieval to Modern 
  • A History of Art in Britain from Medieval through Modern
  • A History of Art in Spain from Paleolithic to Modern
  • A History of Art in France from Paleolithic to Modern
  • A History of European Sculpture from Paleolithic to Modern
  • A History of Netherlandish Art from Medieval to Modern
  • A History of Printmaking and the Graphic Arts
  • The Art of the Victorians
  • Art & the Countryside: a historical survey 
  • Art & the Great War 
  • "All at Sea" - a History of Marine Art
  • North American Art - a history 

B]  5 x 2 hr sessions: 

  • A History of Printmaking: a historical survey
  • Mysterious Meanings: Symbolism and Icongraphy in Paintings